Twi-Slash Fic

I'm in love with my best friend.

Jasper?” I shouted as I shut the front door and threw my bag down on the floor. “Are you home?” My questions were greeted by silence, but I could hear a faint noise coming from the direction of Jasper's room.


That meant he had a guest here. Jasper and I had been roommates since our first year in college. I met him when we were assigned to share a room in the student dorms and we'd moved out together at the end of the first year. We were now half way through the second, and he had become my best friend.

He and I were as different as you could get; he was confident, outgoing and a bit, well a lot of a man-whore, whereas I was quiet, shy and a little insecure. The one thing we did have in common and I was eternally grateful for that fact, was that we were both gay. I couldn't believe my luck when I found out on our first day. He'd walked in and with no hesitation whatsoever, stuck out his hand and said, “Hi, I'm Jasper Whitlock. I'm also gay, do you have a problem with that?”

I'd stared at him for a few seconds with my mouth hanging open, before managing to stutter out a reply. I told him that no, I didn't have a problem with it, because I was gay also. He'd smiled that perfectly crooked smile at me and I was done for. Oh, I forgot to mention; I was also in love Jasper, but with me being, well me, he had absolutely no idea.

I sighed and walked down the hall to my bedroom, hoping to get past Jasper's before anyone came out. With Jasper's tall, slim build and his blonde hair and blue eyes, it was no wonder that guys fell over themselves to be with him. He always went for the same type; blonde, just like him. I hated seeing him with them because it just served to remind me that I would never be one of them. I was tall enough, with the same slim build he seemed to go for, but I had dark hair with the odd hint of red, just like my mother. I had her green eyes too.

I'd almost made it to the safety of my room when I heard voices, and before I could open my door ans escape inside, I came face to face with Jasper's latest fling.


Oh hey, Edward,” Riley said, smiling as Jasper came out behind him, slipping his hands round his waist. “I didn't know you were back, or we'd have been a bit quieter.”

Speak for yourself,” Jasper mumbled against Riley's neck, causing him to close his eyes and rest his head back on Jasper's shoulder. “You just got in, E?” he added, looking up at me through those long, dark lashes.

Um...yeah,” I replied awkwardly, looking down at my feet because I really didn't want to look at the soft porn going on in front of me.

How was work?” he asked,. I glanced up and saw he'd not even bothered to look my way, his mouth immediately going back to work on Riley's neck. I quickly averted my gaze.

Shit, as usual.” I worked at the Starbucks on the corner, about two blocks from our apartment and I hated it. But it was a job and I needed it to pay rent. “Look, I'm whacked so I'm just going to go to bed, ok?”

When I got no response, I looked back over at them only to see that Riley had turned around and they were now kissing. And groping.


I really didn't want to see that shit so I opened my bedroom door and disappeared inside, shutting it closed behind me. I leaned back up against the door, banging my head softly on the wood. I didn't know why I still let it bother me, it wasn't like anything was going to change. Jasper was never going to be interested in me so I just needed to fucking get over it already. Of course I'd never told him how I felt about him, it had never seemed the right time before and now I kind of felt like that ship had sailed.

I pulled my sorry ass off of the door and walked over to my bed. I hadn't been lying when I'd said I was whacked. My shift had been from six to eleven and I was exhausted, wanting nothing more than to crawl under my covers and sleep. With no other options available to me, that was exactly what I did. I kicked off my jeans and shoes, pulled my t-shirt over my head and got in bed wearing just my boxers. It was a warm night, anything else would have just made me sweat.

My eyes were already starting to close as I turned off my bedside light. Just as I was nearly all the way under, a sharp bang on the wall jolted me back awake, followed by a long, deep moan.


From the sounds of it, Jasper and Riley were going for round two.

Fuck my life.


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