Saturday, 30 July 2011

Quick Fic! Rain on my Parade

"This cannot be happening.  Today of all days."  I looked out of the window at the rain hammering down against the ground.  It wasn't unusual, in fact it was usual for Forks, this shitty-ass weather, but we'd had an unprecedented ten dry days in a row - dammit, we'd even had sunshine - so a return to the norm on the day of the town parade when I had been persuaded by Jessica to wear a bikini, was definitely not welcome.

A knock at the door forced me to move away from the window and down the stairs to answer it.  I wasn't expecting anybody so had no idea who it would be...

Ok, as this is a quick fic, all you need to do is comment to say you're taking a turn and then write your contribution for the next section of the story in a seperate comment.  One at a time please, if someone beat you too it, wait for the next turn :o)


  1. Happy to write the next bit, if someone else isn't chomping at the bit ;-)

  2. I could hear the rain hammering on the porch roof as I reached the last step. It was clear that whoever was on the other side of the door was going to be pretty much drenched.

    "This had better be important," I thought as I fumbled with the locks. Charlie was forever instilling in me the need to keep myself secure while he was at work, though God only knew why. Forks was hardly a risky place to live; quite the opposite, in fact. I cursed with frustration as I caught one of my nails on the key fob. "Damn!" Yet another freakin' casualty of Charlie's over-protective ways.

    Releasing the dead-bolt, I pushed down the door handle and pulled inward, gasping at the surge of damp air that rushed inside...

  3. “Ben! What in hell’s name are you doing here?” I stepped back from the threshold in puzzlement. Ben had never visited before. If truth be told, I was somewhat surprised that he even knew where I lived.

    “Um…” He hovered—soaking—on the top step, shivering. He was soaked through.

    “God, Ben, come inside. You’re soaking…” I ushered him inside. “Let me get you a towel.”

  4. Damn, I've just re-read and realise I've used the word 'soaked' about a million times in that last post :-(

  5. I'm just happy that you added something, lol.

  6. IKR? We need to get this blog pimped out ;-)